A personal dialogue with
Deputy Managing Director, Bangkok Metro Public Company Limited


  1. Could you tell us your experience working in the field of public transport? How many years of total experience you had in the field? Your current job and some previous job background?
    [Mr. Hatairatana] I have over 12 years of experience in public transport from project to operations. My current position is Deputy Managing Director  responsible for Operations, Engineering&Maintenance, Marketing and Administration.I have been with this company since project execution for this Blue Line, the first underground metro in Thailand, setting up operations team and stay on as Operations Director supervising Operations and Maintenance since 2004 when we started revenue service.


  2. What makes you believe in public transport? What role you see in “Public Transport” and its link to the society, to environment, and to the economy? From a city/country point of view, what is the most critical factor that helps/refrains the development of public transport?
    [Mr. Hatairatana]
    I believe public transport is the driver to economics development and to link people together while saving the environment. However, public transport development in some cities are rather slow may be caused by lack of understanding from the people in the society and its leader on the importance of PT.”


  3. UITP practices the belief of “Grow with Public Transport”. How does it relate to your role? How relevant is that to the business strategy of your organisation?
    [Mr. Hatairatana] Our company was set up as operator of public transport, the concession of which must be granted by the government. We aim to be a sustainable PT operator as the concessionaire that provides safe, convenient and reliable PT to the public while uplifting the quality of life of the public where we serve. My role is to build up the culture and value of the staff in serving the public with pride.”


  4. During your many years of work in the field of public transport, what had been the biggest challenge and how did you overcome it? What are the learning other organisations can learn to make the development of public transport better?
    [Mr. Hatairatana] The biggest challenge is that our company is a private organisation working to serve the public while we also have to satisfy our shareholders as well as the authorities. To do so, we must employ the sustainable development strategy to balance all the needs of the stakeholders while making sure our business is sustainable in the long run.”


  5. UITP is an association connecting all in the sector – authority, operator, industry supplier, academic and institute. How do you use UITP to help grow your idea and ambition in the development of public transport?
    [Mr. Hatairatana] Being a member of UITP has been very beneficial to our strategy in that it helps us learn how our colleagues think and do things in different ways while sharing the same goal of providing the best service to the public. We have learned about sustainable development concept from UITP and were inspired to map out our strategy following this concept.


  6. What would be the one phrase you give as a piece of advice to those young talents who want to devote their energy in the public transport sector?
    [Mr. Hatairatana] Keep focusing in what you do.


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