Vision and mission


Knowledge for sustainable mobility in Asia-Pacific


Share knowledge, conduct research and training to support the development of efficient public transport policies/solutions, and foster sustainable mobility systems, which meet Asia-Pacific needs, and enhance life standards.


The Asia-Pacific Centre for Transport Excellence (AP-CTE) was formed and launched with joint efforts between the Land Transport Authority of Singapore (LTA) and the International Association of Public Transport (UITP). This achievement will contribute to synergizing the efforts of Asia-Pacific (AP) to achieve sustainable transport in this region.


  • Consolidate, transfer and disseminate transport knowledge and best practices within the Asia Pacific region.
  • Develop and promote transport policies and sustainable solutions, which meet the specific needs and aspirations of the Asia Pacific region people.
  • Support the promotion of public transport sector in the Asia Pacific region to achieve the “UITP PTx2” objective.
  • Conduct and facilitate urban transport related research activities within the Asia Pacific region.
  • Stimulate and enhance experience exchange within Asia Pacific region, as well as between Asia Pacific and other regions of the world.