Urban Rail Platform


Asia-Pacific Urban Rail Platform (APURP)

In October 2017 the 9th APURP was hosted by SBS Transit Ltd at the brand new Downtown Line Depot
in Singapore. The members consisting of 11 regional metro operators use this platform to discuss the
key challenges they face in metro operations and exchange knowledge and experience from their own
rail network. In the 9th meeting, Human Factor Management, Security Management, CBTC Migration,
Public Relation Management and Safety Culture were the central topics of discussion. Under the lead
of Chairman Adi Lau (Operations Director, MTR Corp, Hong Kong) the participating members are
benefiting from each other’s experiences to make the metro networks better at all fronts.
The platform will meet again in April 2017 in Melbourne for the 10th APURP meeting.

Like to know more about the APURP members and meetings? Contact the UITP Asia-Pacific Regional
Office at sue.chan@uitp.org

Participating members and meetings

Organisations participating in this Platform include: Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company
Limited (Bangkok), Bangkok Expressway & Metro PCL (Bangkok), East Japan Railway Company
(Tokyo), MTR Corporation Limited (Hong Kong), SBS Transit Limited (Singapore), Shenzhen Metro
Group Co. Ltd. (Shenzhen), SMRT Corporation (Singapore), Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad
(RapidKL) (Kuala Lumpur), Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (Taipei), Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)
Metro Trains Melbourne Corporation (Melbourne)

Past meetings have been conducted in Perth (November 2012), Bangkok (June 2013),
Singapore (October 2013), Tokyo (April 2014), Hong Kong (2014), Taipei (2015),
Shenzhen (September 2015), Kuala Lumpur (May 2016) and Singapore (October 2016).
The 10th Asia-Pacific Urban Rail Platform Meeting will be held on 20/21 April 2017,
in Melbourne Australia.