UITP Asia-Pacific Organising Authorities Platform Met in Seoul on 25-26 April 2019

UITP Asia-Pacific Organising Authorities Platform (AP OAP) held their Spring 2019 Meeting on 25-26 April in Seoul, hosted by Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG).
The meeting announced the renewal of Mr. Richard Magnus’ Chairmanship of the AP OAP for another 2-year term. The meeting delegates included AP OAP members from SMG, Public Transport Council of Singapore, Land Transport Authority of Singapore, Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission, Transport Department of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and invited guests from WeGO (World Smart Sustainable Cities Organization headquartered in Seoul).
Under the hospitality of SMG, the platform had an intense day of meeting starting with a presentation of Seoul’s latest challenges and achievements in urban and intelligent transport. Discussions continued covering topics as follows:
  • Public transport reliability and affordability.
  • Challenges of the new mobility services including growth of shared personal mobility devices and bikes.
  • Regulatory challenges in autonomous vehicles.
  • Data sharing practices through an interactive exchange session amongst AP OAP members.
On the second day, meeting delegates attended an insightful technical visit of Seoul’s intelligent transport system including:
  • TOPIS, Seoul’s control centre responsible for operations and management of the city overall transportation.
  • Korea Smart Card Company established by SMG in 2003.
  • Seoullo 7017 (pedestrian sky garden) & Seoul Station Public Transit Centre where SMG shared their effort to reduce the growth of private vehicles through changes in urban landscape.
UITP AP OAP Autumn 2019 meeting will take place on 11 November in Canberra, Australia alongside UITP Asia-Pacific annual Division Meeting.