The Governance of Public Transport Market in Asia Pacific
This study aims to provide an national overview of the urban public transport framework in selected countries of this region.
Findings are presented in series of guidebooks; each booklet focuses on one country, highlighting key public transport statistics, summary of national planning strategy and framework, institutional structure, major players and projects in the market. 
Click below to download the report focusing on Singapore (published in 2017).


The Truth of Customer Experience Through the Lens of Executives and Users

For this two-part study, UITP is interviewing Executives of Operators and Authorities and Users on their perception of ‘Good Customer Experience’.

  • Part 1- Executive Interviews: The aim is to interview the executive from around the world who holds a pinnacle role in formulating the overall organisation’s strategy, to seek their views on what is their organisation doing to cultivate excellence customer experience.
    • Status: 19 interviews conducted since May 2017.
    • Click below to watch the video on Customer Service Excellence where public transport Executives share their insights on what customer service excellence means for their companies.

  • Part 2 – Users Interviews: The aim is to interview users/commuters to seek their view on what excellent customer experience means to them and how are the key public transport players doing (or not doing) to fulfil their needs.

The overall goal of this study is to look at ‘Excellent Customer Experience’ through both ends of the spectrum to recognise what are some players are doing well and how we can better improve as an industry to further enhance the experience and develop public transport advocates.