PTI (3/2014): HR and management, out of focus?

Of the thousands of contacts in UITP’s database, less than 10% have expressed an interest in the subjects of human resources and management.

Why is this?

It may be because of the fact that personnel costs account for up to 80% of operational costs, and public transport companies are more likely to see staff principally as a burdensome financial issue. However, the key to performance and productivity lies in the ability of the company to turn this cost factor into a success factor. It often requires a profound change in culture to transform companies from mere fleet managers to customer-oriented service providers. In the upcoming issue of PTI magazine, we’ve spoken to a number of public transport companies around the world about their ability to transform themselves into customer-oriented trailblazers by focusing on their staff. We’ve also tackled the subject of turning corporate strategy into real, measureable results, and social dialogue for public transport. There’s also a report on the WHO’s recent study that links public transport jobs to increased public health, and interviews on the subjects of women in public transport and employer branding.

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