HU Feng-Ju (Yutong)

A personal dialogue with
Mr. HU Feng-Ju
Vice President 

In charge of International Business Department
Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd., China


1. Could you tell us your experience working in the field of public transport? How many years of total experience you had in the field? Your current job and some previous job background
[Mr. Hu]
“I joined Yutong since I graduated from college in 1998, therefore I have been involved in the public transport industry since then. I still remember it was always said in my internship that a bus is not just a vehicle product, but rather a product of public utilities which is closely related to the life of the public and needs to be dealt with diligently.

In the past, I was mainly responsible for the production management and then I was involved in the management work of the Chinese market. From 2012, I began to be in charge of the international business and provided sophisticated, cost-effective bus products and public transport solutions to the overseas market.


2. What makes you believe in public transport? What role you see in “Public Transport” and its link to the society, to environment, and to the economy? From a city/country point of view, what is the most critical factor that helps/refrains the development of public transport?
[Mr. Hu] “Either the experience of developed countries and regions or the problems encountered by China and other developing countries have told us the public transport is the best solution to the traffic congestion in the process of urban development.

In addition, developing the public transport is of great significance in reducing the carbon emissions and improving the urban environment. For example, by the end of 2013, Yutong has delivered a total of 6,364 eco-friendly buses which can reduce more than 90,000 tons of CO2 emissions every year, an equivalent to the annual absorptive amount of 3,500 hectares of broadleaf forest.

Of course, Yutong also has proved the charm of the public transport with its practices in over 100 countries worldwide.

At present, the factors hindering the development of public transport vary from country to country, which feature both differences and similarities, such as financing, road planning, ancillary facilities, etc.”


3. UITP practices the belief of “Grow with Public Transport”. How does it relate to your current role? How relevant is that to the business strategy of your organisation?
[Mr. Hu] “In fact, in the my or Yutong's perspective, the major job at current time is to be actively involved in the public transport development of different countries, regions and cities; and to provide useful strategies or suggestions so as to combine our own development with the public transport development together.”


4. During your many years of work in the field of public transport, what had been the biggest challenge and how did you overcome it? What are the learning other organisations can learn to make development of public transport better?
[Mr. Hu]In recent years, we have always encountered some new challenges. For example, some developing or underdeveloped countries lack of relevant experience, expertise and financing ability in developing their public transport. As a bus builder which can provide vehicles for the public transport, we must help them to conduct investigation, planning, program design and implementation. Therefore, we have realized the integration and adaption of markets' successful experience and public transport operators shall assist the rapid development of public transport in these areas.”


5. UITP is an association connecting all in the sector – authority, operator, industry supplier, academic and institute. How do you use UITP to help grow your idea and ambition in the development of public transport?
[Mr. Hu]
“As a most influential organisation in the public transport area, UITP continues to plan and implement a series of events or promote the development of public transport in various ways. As the supplier of public transport undertaking, Yutong always actively participates in the forum and exhibitions organised or sponsored by UITP, and has supported and sponsored a number of visits and exchanges, i.e., the related activities of UITP Pavilion during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, where the UITP members from different countries could conduct face-to-face communication and exchanges with each other. In another word, Yutong promotes the development of public transport through a variety of ways and enhances its supply ability of public transport products in the process.”


6. What would be the one phrase you give as a piece of advice to those young talents who want to devote their energy in the public transport sector?
[Mr. Hu] “Young talents are the driving force of the development of public transport. Especially under the requirements of intelligentization, environment friendliness and high efficiency, both the public transport operators and providers of public transportation facilities need to adapt to the rapid technical changes and take more effective measures so as to meet the needs of social development.”