Embrace Artificial Intelligence to Transform Public Transport

Public transport is seen by many as a slow changing industry in term of adoption of new technology. Arguably, changes enabled by artificial intelligence (AI) will not be the same.

The development of AI is increasingly gaining momentum and escalating in a faster speed in almost all business sectors. Strategists target on applications of AI in conventional industries introducing revolutions. They bring up foresight on new trend, new technology and new normal. Public transport is no exception and it should be more proactive to ride on AI and transform itself for the benefits of the travelling public.  

Strategies are too few in public transport. On the other hand, the industry leaders can and should take a bigger role in this AI journey. They can champion the setting up of cross discipline and cross institution AI technology and development platforms; employ experts that bring new ideas on AI to the industry; conduct studies and researches; engage networks and experts to nurture an ecosystem for AI; develop experts; carry out trial and prototype for potential of productisation. The industry can also influence the policy making bodies to pioneer development in public transport. On this aspect, UITP is playing an active role of engaging the industry in this journey.

Morris Cheung, Executive Director at MTR Corporation Limited

April 2018