UITP in Asia-Pacific

The UITP Asia-Pacific Division was set up in 1993 and aims at fostering exchange between public transport practitioners for better transport developments in the region. Today, our work covers the complete Asia-Pacific region with the Asia-Pacific Centre for Transport Excellence in Singapore, UITP Regional Offices in Hong Kong as well as China Liaison Office under UITP Asia-Pacific, Hong Kong office. Asia-Pacific region is governed by the UITP Asia-Pacific Executive Committee.

With the objective of fostering knowledge and insight exchange, our advocacy work covers: the integration and development of various modes of public transport, innovation and the quality of public transport service. Our work covers a variety of events including the following:

  • Biennial regional congress and exhibition in Singapore in partnership with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) – LTA-UITP Singapore International Transport Congress and Exhibition, with the first edition held in October 2013, the second edition was held in October 2016, the third edition was held in July 2018 and the fourth edition will likely be held in October 2020.
  • Annual Division Meeting (formerly Assembly) organised for members only, with a different local host every year;
  • Working platform for “UITP Asia-Pacific Urban Rail Platform” and "UITP Asia-Pacific Organising Authority Platform"
  • Workshops, study tours, trainings and research activities;
  • Supporting partner for events organised by members.

Any organisation interested in benefitting from the exchange and sharing with regional fellows should consider joining as a member. At present, we connect with authorities, operators, institutions and academia, as well as industry suppliers. A diverse membership we offered from worldwide.