The UITP Centre for Training is offering you a calendar full of opportunities to advance your talent and boost your career in 2019.  New topics include Artificial IntelligenceOn-Demand Buses and Shared ServicesLean Six Sigma and Cost Management, Transit Oriented Development and Blockchain. For a full overview of 2019 training programmes, please keep reading below or download the calendar here.

Due to the high demand for the Diploma Programme for Managers in Public Transport, UITP is organising an additional edition in 2019. This new course will take participants to Hong Kong, Lisbon and Brussels. Registrations are open until 15 March.

Two new Diploma programmes will also be organised in 2019: the Bus Diploma Programme and the New Mobility Services Diploma programme. Each of them will allow participants to attend four programmes and e-learning sessions.

We also launched a brand new training format: online trainings.  In 2019, UITP will organise three online training modules focused on best practice & innovation in public transport. Each module includes five sessions and the main topics are:  Towards more transit-oriented cities; Integration for an “all-in” mobility offer and Digitalising public transport for better operations and service.

Last but not least, UITP also offers customised programmes adapted to the needs of your company with our On-demand trainings.

Here is an overview of the upcoming courses in 2019:

• 2019 Diploma Programme for Managers in Public Transport
Module 1 - 8-10 April, Hong Kong
Module 2 - 24-26 June, Lisbon, Portugal
Module 3 - 18-20 October, Brussels, Belgium

• Ticketing and Fare Management Istanbul, 9-11 January, Turkey, Istanbul
• Tendering and Contracting of Public Transport Services, 16-18 January, Brussels, Belgium
 Revenue Optimisation and Marketing, 4-6 February, Venice, Italy
• Digitalisation in Taxi Transport, 4-6 February, Dubai, UAE
• Artificial Intelligence, 25-27 February, Singapore
• BRT Planning and Operations, 4-6 March, Istanbul, Turkey
 Electric Buses Training and Study Tour, 4-8 March, Shenzhen, China
• Bus Planning and Scheduling, 18-20 March, Dubai, UAE
• Electric Buses, 25-27 March, Madrid, Spain
• Lean Six Sigma and Cost Management, 25-27 March, Brussels, Belgium
• Autonomous Mobility, 1-3 April, Karlsruhe, Germany
• Capacity Building Programme: Building Leaders in Urban Transport (in collaboration with World Bank), 7-11 April, Dubai, UAE
• Demand Responsive Bus and Shared Services, 15-17 April, Stuttgart, Germany

Download the full calendar here. Please check for an updated list and the latest information as places and dates are subject to change. For any question, please contact us at